“Name and form hide Reality”

Name and form hide Reality: This is the Teaching.
Giving name and form is an obstacle to Freedom
because then the Substratum, Consciousness,
cannot be seen.

Call it a statue of a horse and the granite is hidden,
see a ring and you won’t see the gold.

Name and form can never leave Consciousness,
as the ring can never leave the gold.

Before a wave rises, it is Ocean,
before desire moves it is Emptiness.
Destroy craving and bondage by identifying
as Experiencing, not experience,
as Seeing, not the seer.

You are the Consciousness, not one who is conscious.

The time left in this body is to be used helping
all others on the planet and in all realms.
Remain Being and help everyone.
This is not a desire, but natural surrender:
you are just a tool, like a bank teller,
it is not your money you are giving away,
you are only the instrument.
Always give and you will never need.
If you do not give you will always be needy.

Dissolve yourself into the Self
and the whole world is taken care of.
If you want to help the planet
Live that life of Compassion for all Beings.
Live that life of Love.

This, Prose and Poetry of Dancing Emptiness