It’s A Blessing – Rumi

Don’t hide. The sight of your face is a blessing.
Wherever you place your foot, there rests a blessing
Even your shadow
Passing over me like a swift bird
Is a blessing
The great spring has come
Your sweet air, blowing through the city,
The country, the gardens
And the desert is a blessing
He has come with love to our door
His knock is a blessing.
We go from house to house asking of Him,
Any answer is a blessing
Caught in this body, we look for a sight of the soul
Remember what the Prophet said:
One sight is a blessing
The leaf of every tree brings a message from the unseen
Look, every falling leaf is a blessing.
All of nature swings in unison
Singing without tongues
Listening without ears
What a blessing
O soul, the four elements are your face.
Water, wind, fire and earth
Each one is a blessing.
And once the seed of faith takes root it cannot be
blown away
Even by the strongest wind
That’s a blessing.
I bow to you, for the dust of your feet
Is the crown on my head
And as I walk towards you
Every step I take is a blessing.

His form appeared before me, just now as I was
singing this poem
I swear
What a blessing! What a blessing!
Every vision born of earth is fleeting
Every vision born of heaven is a blessing
For people, the sight of spring warms their hearts
For fish, the rhythm of the ocean is a blessing
The brilliant sun that shines in every heart
For the heaven’s earth and all creatures
What a blessing!
The heart can’t wait to speak of this ecstasy
The soul is kissing the earth, saying
Oh God, what a blessing!
Fill me with the wine of your silence,
Let it soak my every pore
For the inner splendor it reveals
Is a blessing
Is a blessing.


From “The Way Of Passion: A Celebration Of Rumi”
By Andrew Harvey