I Had Been A Devotee

I had been a devotee of Krishna from childhood.
So much so that Krishna even would manifest in front
of me in physical form. I could register him with all my
senses in the same way that I could see ordinary things.

I had been spending about four days in Adi-annamali
on the other side of the mountain. On my return the
Maharshi asked me, ‘Where you have been?’

I replied, ‘On the other side of the mountain, staying by
myself and playing with Krishna’.

Oh, very good, you have playing with Krishna!’
he exclaimed.
‘Yes sir, I have been playing with Krishna. He is my
‘Do you see him now?’
‘No sir, I don’t.’

Then he said, ‘What appears and disappears is not real.
You saw him, then he disappeared. Now you are
here, the seer remains. Now find out who the seer is.’

This ‘seer’ was just a word spoken by the Maharshi, but
it struck me with such an impact that I became the seer.
I became the seer.

Nowadays when I give satsangs, I tell people, ‘Don’t
hold onto the word. Go to the root of the word. Go to
that which the word is pointing to. If you do this, instantly
you will get true understanding.’