The Master's Photos & Quotes

If you give up all practices, what will happen?
If you have unloaded all the dharmas, you
are absolutely naked.

When you are naked you will jump into the ocean,
never to return.

The word rises from Silence before it is a word.
So speak in Silence. Hear in Silence.
For Freedom you don't need a word.
Freedom is transmitted in Silence.

Look within.
Approach all with devotion.
Stay as Heart.

Return to the Source.
Do not believe anything.
Simply stay quiet and return Home.
And do not rest until you are Here.

Only the Truth is and you are That!
You are the unchanging Awareness
in which all activities take place.
To know this is Freedom.

When anyone laughs,
there are no thoughts,
there is no mind,
and there is no suffering.
So, you laugh away.
Any problem comes,
you laugh away!

Who are you? Where do you come from?
Many times you came and many times
you returned.
When you have known this,
karma ceases to function,
samsara ceases to exist.
You realize your original fundamental nature:
Consciousness, Being, Bliss.
This is what you are.
This is what you have been.
This is what you are going to be.

Stay quiet.
Something else is going to take charge of you.
Keep quiet for some time, and it will reveal Itself.
This is my advice.

You need a guru without just to tell you:
'I am within you.'
The Guru is formless within you and
you are also formless.
If you know this, you don't need a Guru with a body.
If you are fortunate enough to find a teacher with
a body, do not miss the chance!

This instant, stop!
Look now! Here!
And perhaps everything will be revealed.
When you look for a method or a technique,
you postpone it.
When you postpone, you have been
cheated by an intimate friend: mind.
Don't postpone another moment.

Millions of years have passed.
Why don't you spend this precious time
on you, Here and Now?
This will bring you everything,
Beauty, Love and Peace.

Don't become anything.
Even enlightenment is becoming something.
Be as you are. Don't label yourself.
Don't be any brand.
What brand can there be for the Self,
which has no name and no form?

Steal one second out of eighty years
of your life and use it to face your own Self.
You can keep the other
seventy-nine years,
eleven months,
twenty-nine days,
and all the minutes
and seconds except this one.
This one second will be enough to
glimpse your own Self.

To know the Truth and the Truth alone,
to know Consciousness and Consciousness alone:
this is Satsang.

Look within and recognize yourself within this instant.
You don't need a long program
spread over years to
to recognize this freedom.
You are already free.
It is only recognition that isn't here,
you are postponing it.
You must recognize your own nature, Here and Now.

Duality does not exist when you return
to your Heart.
And this Heart is another name
for Truth, Reality, Freedom.
Look within.
Approach with all devotion.
This is the teacher, and this is the teaching.
Stay as your Heart. That's all. Stay as your Heart.

Wake up! Wake up!
Your house is on fire from all directions.
What is waking up?
Establishing firmly into the Self, by the Self
with the Self, for the Self.
Self is untouched. Immaculate. Free.

Accept what comes. Reject what goes.
If there is an ocean, there must be waves.
These waves are samsara. Ocean is nirvana.
All this is dancing.

Peace is beyond thought and effort.
This is why Keeping Quiet is the key
to the storehouse of Love and Peace.

Being is Being.
There is no witness and not witnessed.
After letting go of the object do not hold
onto the subject either.
Let go.
Be quiet.

To make an effort,
even to meditate,
you must have a preconceived idea
or object in your mind.
I tell you: ‘Take away the object and see what remains’.

To do this you have to stay as you are.
You are already This.
You don’t need to do anything to reach it
or attain it.

All of this is Emptiness.
You just play the game of the dancer in it
and let this game be played.
You can see yourself as individual or
One is impermanence, one is eternal.