From The Master To A Disciple

From the Master to a disciple 25 years ago:

You don’t need any methods to get rid of wrong
ideas you have about yourself. All that
you have to do is to stop believing them.

The best way to do this is to replace them
with ideas which more accurately reflect the
real state of affairs.

If one tries to live like this you will be face
to face with your natural state.

One’s vasanas and all the wrong ideas one
has about oneself are blocking and hiding the
experience of the Real Self.

If one does not identify with the wrong ideas
one’s self-nature will not remain hidden.

Do not make the mistake of imagining that there
is some goal to be reached or attained. If you
think like this you will start looking for
methods to practice and people to help you.

Cultivate the awareness ‘I Am the Immanent
Consciousness’. When this understanding becomes
firm the non-existent mind will not trouble you.

Talk when you must. Think when you must.
Look when you must. KEEP QUIET!