Photo by Jim Lemkin.
Photo by Jim Lemkin.

We are grateful for your interest and participation in Satsang with Hanuman and your wish to support this offering. For Zoom Satsang online, we are not accepting financial contributions.

If and when we resume traveling for Satsang, we will accept donations to cover expenses.

Satsang with Hanuman is an all-volunteer project. No one, including Hanuman, receives any money.

The Master gave His teachings to humanity freely, and the satsang hall never even held a donation basket.

In this spirit, Hanuman shares the Master’s teachings as freely as he received them.

If you would like to support our work, please share your satsang invitation with those who may be interested.

If you feel moved to support the Master’s mission, consider contributing to Papaji’s Avadhuta Foundation. The foundation maintains and distributes a collection of books, recordings, videos and photographs of the Master and His teachings.