hanuman’s amazing (not so humble) organic kicharee recipe

this should make enough for 2 people for 4 or 5 days or so. it gets better and better with each
serving. this is a work in progress. so far so good!




(everything ORGANIC almost)

red/orange lentils ( 1 cup)
green lentils (1 cup)\
mung dahl (1 cup)
white rice (basmati, jasmine, etc) or millet or quinoa (healthier)
garbanzo beans ( 1 can)
peas (frozen, 1 bag)
2 medium onions
1 bulb garlic
a lot of fresh ginger
2 tsp curry
2 tsp cardamom powder and/or whole cardamom pods
2 tsp turmeric
2 tsp coriander
5 tsp cumin seeds
1/2 tsp sea salt
coconut oil or ghee
1 can coconut water
juicy limes
cashews and/or lime-chile pistachios
mint, cilantro
plain organic yogurt (non-fat for me)




1. soak lentils and dahl for at least 6 hours
2. rinse off until water is clear
3. put in large pot with at least 4 inches of water covering them
4. bring to boil and keep on medium boil for 45ish minutes or until beans are mushy-soft. be sure to scoop off arising foamy flotsam as the boiling often overflows (onto my stovetop making a big mess.)
5. in a frying pan/wok sautee in ghee or coconut oil maybe 5 tsp of the cumin seeds until brown. put these browned seeds onto a plate.
in same pan add more ghee/oil and lightly sautee the chopped-up onions just enough to take the bite out of them.
6. dice up a lot of ginger and add to onions. a lot of ginger. more even.
7. dice or crush up one whole garlic bulb. (yes, bulb, not clove) and add to the onions and ginger and lightly cook for another minute or two or do not cook at all (as you wish).
8. add the onions, ginger, and garlic into the pot of lentils. there should be maybe an inch or so of water now left covering the lentils
9. add the spices and salt and don’t forget the cumin seeds in the plate that you have already browned. you will have to experiment with amounts of spices. the amounts above are just a guideline. i often will add more. how much more who can say?
10. heat up to defrost the frozen peas and garbanzos in the pan/wok in a little coconut water. when done add to the pot.
11. let simmer for one-half hour or so at low heat.
12. let the kicharee cool off a few hours and refrigerate overnight letting all the diverse flavors rejoice in this newfound unity.




13. make the rice. i like to use half water and half coconut water to make the rice. try to make it perfectly so it is light and fluffy. normally i do not eat white rice but with kicharee white rice really is so much better than brown… brown is a great second choice. millet maybe even better!!!!!!
14. take the kicharee out of the refrigerator (it is now the consistency of a hearty and thick
stew) and heat up your desired portion very slowly (maybe 10 minutes) in the pan/wok. do not boil! please.
15. in a nice size bowl (i like to eat out of a bowl rather than a plate) make a bed of rice. add your hearty helping of the kicharee.
16. add a healthy scoop of the yogurt to one side of the bowl.
17. slice up peeled cucumber and add 7or so slices along the opposite side of the bowl.
18. sprinkle some chopped cilantro, mint on top.
19. squeeze some lime juice over the kicharee and cucumbers.
20. crush and sprinkle some cashews and/or pistachios
21. this will get us through the winter with great grace and comfort. you will be proud of yourself… and then be gently reminded of how you really treasure humility… and you will be grateful for everything…
22. contentment is now yours.
23. hallelujah and…

with love and folded hands,